When asked which box I fit into I say the Educator, Designer, Marketer, Programmer, Wood-turner, Craftsman, Jewellery Artisan box please… oh, and let me know when you find it!

If asked which one of the above I prefer, I say it depends on the moment. For this inability to pigeonhole myself I blame my childhood. Born in Dublin and raised in an alternating city & country environment, I was exposed to diverse and fascinating sides of life, work, skill and knowledge that I have carried with me to this day.

I suppose the left and right sides of my brain have been equally exercised which has given me the opportunity to develop a wide spectrum of interests and, occasionally, expertise.

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PO Box 1108
Co. Kildare W12 R722

Monday—Friday: 09:00–17:00 GMT
Saturday & Sunday: 11:00–15:00 GMT


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