“So what do you do?”

I have real difficulty when it comes to choosing a category or box that accurately describes my “work”. Like a lot of folks I know who work in this field, we don’t like the idea of just one box and in practice we are not spending our time thinking or doing within one single space.

You see, I’m a wood-turner – well, that’s what I can do well and have fun doing it – but I also really enjoy the artistic and practical challenges of making jewellery with wood and resins. Up-cycling is also firmly on my radar using materials like glass, wood, ceramic and plastics to mention a few.  In a previous life I was an electrician and have Degree in Electronic Engineering. I can happily add photography, lamp building, electronics, programming and marketing to that mix in fairly equal measure.

I am very happy to be considered a Jack of all trades, and a close to being a master of some. I can’t find a box, not necessarily big enough but diverse enough to fit all of my interests into, and I know I’m not the only one.

So what does one do? Well, nothing is the best answer. Don’t worry about it. Keep on casting the net wide and do all of those things that interest you, challenge you and make you happy. Make some money along the way and keep the wheels turning.